Saving kids quotes

How to save kids quotes and funny sayings in a right way

Kids are cute, and the words that come out of their mouths are even cuter. Kids say the darndest things, you just cannot put a filter on a kid’s thought, and that is the reason they say some of the funniest, most silly, and the most thoughtful things at the same time. Those are so precious that you have to save them forever at all costs.

Why is it a good idea to save your kid's funny words and quotations?

Storing these cute kids quotes and sayings is a great way to share funny moments as precious memories. Keeping them until your kids will be much older and wiser will bring back many cute memories. And believe us, you will be happy with your decision to save these precious moments.

How to save your kids sayings and quotes?

One way to save your kid’s quotes is to jot them down in a diary, Great! But you do not happen to carry around a golden ink, or let’s just keep it minimal - a normal pen and a notepad or a diary all the time. And you cannot share these kid’s quotes with your significant other or your family instantly. So how can you save these funny, sometimes savage, words and quotes that your kids say during the most unexpected hours of the day?

Cuote App is here to help!

Well, you might not have a pen or diary all the time, but you have your phones, right! Yes, saving your kid's quotes on your phone is a great way to keep them in the treasure of your memory forever. Or better, we have an app for you that will do all the hard work for you.

Cuote is an app to save your kids funny sayings and quotations in one place. If your kids are around the age of two and have learned some new words to say, it is the best time for you to sign up on the and make a profile of your kid. Because these days would not last forever when your kid calls mac ’n ’cheese as “monkey cheese.”

Create, Share and Enjoy with

Cuote app helps you to save your kids funny and cute quotes in a fun manner. You can choose from different designs of templates to make your kid’s saying more customized and memorable. It allows you to take a picture of your child at that moment as it is and add it with the quotation. You not just save your kids’ funny sayings in the Cuote app, but you can also convert them into a postcard and share the cute, funny, and wise things your kids say with your friends and family or can simply print it to hang it on your refrigerator to have a good dose of laugh every day.

Not only that, you can create a collection, add tags to your kid's quotes and conversations and filter it by categories. We also take you down to your memory lane by enjoying push notifications like, "Hey, look what your son told you two years ago this day."

So, join the waiting list right now and store all of the amazing things that your kid says in the innocence of their childhood.
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